Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #35: (Proposed) Relax Two Milestone Criteria for OpenACS 5.0.0 Release Candidate

I vote to relax "Upgrade" criteria.

I went to a meeting at Sloan today. The meeting decided that .LRN wants to decouple the release of 2.0 from OACS 5.0.

Based on what happened in the meeting I believe that the .LRN community will eventually provide/fund upgrade scripts. No specific time was set and I don't think it will be complete for oracle and postgres and tested next week or two.

Although I think tested upgrade scripts for all modules are desirable and important for OACS in general I feel there are also important benefits for releasing 5.0 for new sites.  Indeed, even in the .LRN meeting it was considered that the .LRN governance structure might decide to they don't want to hold the release of 2.0 for upgrade scripts so new sites can launch with 2.0. However, as of now no such decision has yet been made.

Thus think its better for both existing OACS users and .LRN if we are clear that we don't have the scripts yet, nor can we make a good risk free estimate as to when we will have tested scripts. This will allow the .LRN governance structure to plan accordingly.

I would like to qualify the statement that Caroline made. An item that we discussed at Sloan was whether in our opinion it was desirable to decouple .LRN releases from OACS 5.0. Our view was yes.

However, the people attending the meeting do not have decision making authority for either .LRN or OACS. The decision can only be made by the folks involved in governance for the two organizations and, as far as I am aware, neither have made a ruling on this issue.