Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: closed forum vs disabled forum

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on

Forums with a "closed" policy shouldn't disappear unless they are "disabled" or the user has no read rights on it.


According to the help text of the form to create a forum, the policy can be, I quote:

Open allows any users to post and have posts appear immediately, moderated means posts must be approved by a moderator before others can see them, and closed means only administrators may post.

So my understanding is that when a forum has a "closed" policy, current members can't post unless they're admin. It's equivalent to "read-only".

Posted by Torben Brosten on

Change "closed" in the context of forums to "discontinued", and "open" to "active". Discontinued and Active are more specific to the intended meaning and are consistent with how products and services can change status in ecommerce.


Posted by Miguel Cordova on
Maybe "closed forum" is an ambiguos term, but "forum with a closed posting policy" is more clear, and it should be right. However, "read-only" is clear as well without ambiguity.

On the other hand, a forum can be enabled or disabled (independently from it's posting policy), so a "discontinued" or "active" forum can be also mistaken as "disabled".

I suggest to review how sql is querying that info about if a user can or can't view a forum. Permissions is more adequate than posting policy.

So, then, closed means read-only, right? Shall we change that value? If yes... only at UI or deeper?