Forum OpenACS Q&A: mod_nsd 1.3 beta 1 released

Posted by Petru Paler on

I just tagged the 1.3b1 release of mod_nsd.

Changes since starting the project (renamed from mod_aolserver):

  • updated to Postgres driver v2.0 (includes bind variable support, direct LOB streaming, and other stuff)
  • updated to Oracle driver v2.5
  • added the nssha1 module
  • preliminary support for emulating nscache functionality in Tcl
  • tweaks to the build process (includes enabling all compile warnings by default)
  • added fastpath.tcl from AOLserver
  • implemented ns_returnnotice
  • removed a bunch of compile warnings

Even though this is a beta release, it shouldn't be worse than the last mod_aolserver. The CGI bug reported is still not fixed, but hopefully I will nail it down soon.

The SDM didn't seem very happy when I tried to create a release, so interested people can get the code from CVS, using:
cvs -z9 -d checkout -r release-1-3-b1 mod_nsd

Feedback is very important. Those who are interested in running OpenACS on Apache should download mod_nsd and nag me about every little thing they don't like about it, and about every feature they'd like to see implemented. Reporting bugs to the SDM is preferable, but plain email to will do.

Posted by Budi Wiyono on

It's would be great if you add manual installation guide.
We know that, a lot of user already running Postgres and Apache, but didn't know how to add and configure mod_nsd. I'm try to configure mod_aolserver manually, i have to edit ad.ini, nsd.ini, and httpd.conf. But, my system not running well, a lot of application could not work, such as admin pages, commerce module, etc.

Thank You.

Posted by David Peterson on

Petru (and others)

I want to run OpenACS on Apache (1.3.23 at the moment), and I am trying to download the mod_nsd from CVS (as I can't seem to find it in the SDM). When I try the CVS command you provided:

cvs -z9 -d checkout -r release-1-3-b1 mod_nsd

I get an error telling me that anonymous access to the CVS is rejected and that I should try logging in with cvs login and a password.

Could you:

1. Confirm the CVS command that I should be using to fetch the latest version of mod_nsd, or

2. Point me to where it is stored in the SDM ?

Thanks for your help - surely other Apache users must be having similar problems?

By the way, is there an Apache install guide? I would be happy to help writing one if needed (just as soon as I get the install worked out myself). I have been trolling the forums and FAQs and the lack of information is quite frustrating to be honest :)



Posted by Petru Paler on

The CVS command was correct when I made the original post, but I believe things changed with the CVS server in the mean time. Don?

Posted by David Peterson on
Two quick questions:

1. Is there any specific reason why the mod_nsd hasn't been put into a package that can be downloaded from the SDM?

2. What is the current state of play regarding OACS 3.x/4.x under Apache.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by Petru Paler on
  1. I can't remember exactly, I guess it didn't work for me right then.
  2. 3.x should work, somewhat. I suppose 4.x doesn't, because it needs stuff that isn't implemented in mod_nsd. Feel free to try it, though :)
Posted by Julie Bernstein on
Now that Apache 2.0 has been released, will you (or someone
else) consider updating mod_nsd for Apache 2/OpenACS 4?
Being able to run the latest OpenACS on Apache rather than
AOLserver would make my company much more likely to adopt
it, I believe.

Thanks - Julie

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
How hard would it be to set up some kind of a basic
performance test to find out (a) what mod_nsd on Apache 2.0
will run like, and (b) what the performance cost would be to run a
FastCGI connection?
9: apache2 (response to 1)
Posted by Todd Gillespie on
Julie, I have started playing with the apache2 source to see where an updated mod_nsd would fit in. Apache2 is a fairly radical departure from apache1.3, and I mean more than just threads v. processes. The module declarations have been cut in less than half, the loading mechanism has changed, and most everything up-to-and-including-the-core is written as stacks of filters permuting I/O through modules. So it's initially a bit mind-bending. Still, it's promising. I, for one, am motivated to see that happen for easier integration with some of the newer libs (eg, webdav, soap, etc) that are either in alpha or not present here in nsd-land.

Any such approach will be unwieldy for a while; several packages will need installing to match nsd's built-in api. But one should still note: Apache has just become a serious contender, one that can run with congruent semantics to aolserver, and capable of running oacs4 in a native way. This is good news for OpenACS.

Michael, I recommend the flood program available with apache2. As for the construction of the benchmark... I dunno.

Posted by Al Guyer on
Hello, just wondering... the last post was 10 Apr 2002. Did anything become of mod_nsd?


Posted by Petru Paler on
Not from me, not really. Not sure if anybody is using it any more.