Forum .LRN Q&A: Can a course have the title translated in several languages?

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there are international courses with 2 official names, for instance one in english and the spanish version too. Is there any way to view theese names (depending on the user's language preference?


Hi Miguel,

The acs-translations package was meant for that IIRC, to translate group names among others objects.

I'd looked that package before posting, because it also was something I thought. I couldn't get what I was looking for.

acs-translations only has "The Public" as real pretty name, the rest of entries are something like url names, not pretty ones. For instance, there are values like: dotlrn-admin, pruebadelcursoblablabla, coursetitlesampleblahblah... Anyway, I have only seen the translation being used into /permissions/ and /permissions/grant pages (non dotlrn), but NO in course listing or whatever inside dotlrn!.

I haven't found doc about that package in order to understand better how to use it. BTW, Google gave me as 3rd result: that is a blank page.