Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #133: Change "bio" from being generic storage in "person" to type-specific storage in "user".

Don, i don't understand, why you are poking on xotcl-core. xotcl-core never claimed to support the externally stored attributes, so it simply excludes it. Most likely Malte's code for xo-dyntypes extends xotcl-core to handle it, but i did not have time to look at it.

It was rather a kludge at the first place to define bio this way. Don's suggestion to move it from persons to users and to turn it into a regular attribute makes perfectly sense.

Emma, the mime-type for the bio could be stored in the bio field together with the content (as two element list) by using the rich-text widget for editing. This is also a kind of a kludge, but used all over OpenACS.

I'm not "poking at it".

I grep'd to find all the uses of bio_mime_type, which is the right thing to do before removing it, no?

When I saw the xotcl-core reference, well, of course I wanted to look to see what you were doing with it.

And I stated above that you're kludging around the use of it.

Since that is all xotcl-core is doing with it, it is safe to get rid of it, i.e. I won't break xotcl-core by doing so.

Surely you don't prefer that I just remove stuff without first checking to make sure I won't break stuff like xotcl-core???


Yes, sounds like (more than) a bit of kludge to me. Having a proper datatype created in the DB for it would be much better.