Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Strange intermittent xowiki form-fill error caused by Xinha.

Dear Richard,

there is a bug in the last xinha release (Xinha 0.96 Phoenix beta2) included in OpenACS that causes entries of the xinha toolbar (also defined via HTML-form elements) to be transmitted to the backend (which does not know about these). xowiki warns you about this.

You have at least two options:

a) disable the xinha plugin 'LangMarks'. If you have not configured it for the richtext entry, you might have it configured via the package parameter XinhaDefaultPlugins in acs-templating.

b) update to a newer version of xinha (get the nightly tar ball from and unpack it over acs-templating/www/resources/ .... after having made a backup).

In general, i would recommend to remove all plugins from XinhaDefaultPlugins where you don't know what they are doing or that you don't need. Most probably, it would be a good idea to set the list of default plugins for OpenACS minimal (maybe empty).

Let me guess why you are now posting this message and you have not seen this behavior before: previously, you have used in your "old installation" and some older version of xinha, not having the problem. In the new installation, that i have recommended, you see now the problem. it would really help, if you include such context information in your posting to reduce my guesswork. of course, i can be completely wrong on this.


The error happened on the original installation (standard 5.5.1 installation with everything installed from the repository through the OpenACS installer pages).

I have done nothing on the HEAD c/o of xowiki other than test the redirect form. Sorry for not being clear.

My test set up for the redirect form was a standard 5.5.1 for everything (i.e. copied file trees) except xotcl-core, xowiki, xowiki-includelet and xowiki-portlet all of which were checked out anonymously from CVS using the HEAD tag. I have not yet tested this for the Xinha langmark {} error.

So the Xinha error is a live bug in the current stable release.


strange, i see no reason, why the langmark warning does not show up on every xinha enabled form then... the problem has nothing todo with the redirects.

anyhow, solution paths (a) or (b) will help.

Exactly, that is what puzzled me. Unless for some peculiar reason it is the presence of a '%' character that was legitimately in the content text of the field that caused the error.

Is Xinha pre-emptively setting a parameter based upon an evaluation of the content of the field?

Content dependent behaviour is the only plausible hypothesis that I can think of.


What is the story with the percent character? That's new for me. A content-dependent behavior is not plausible for me.
In that case, maybe I am mistaken. Perhaps I enetered the two pages that worked before setting the field to richtext. In all honesty I cannot recall the sequence.



Hi Gustaf,

It seems like I'm facing the same problem. The error in my log shows the following code:

No form field with name fontname found (available fields: _creator _description _name _nls_language _page_order _publish_date _publish_date.DD _publish_date.YYYY _publish_date.month _text _title detail_link image_url)
while executing
"error "No form field with name $name found (available fields: [lsort [array names ::_form_field_names]])""
(procedure "lookup_form_field" line 26)
::20233804 ::xowiki::Page->lookup_form_field
invoked from within
"my lookup_form_field -name $att $form_fields"
(procedure "get_form_data" line 45)
::20233804 ::xowiki::Page->get_form_data
invoked from within
"my get_form_data $form_fields"
(procedure "edit" line 61)
::20233804 ::xowiki::FormPage->edit
invoked from within

The thing is that I can't disable all plugins. Langmarks plugin will be important to me also.

Can you give some directions about how I can fix that code on XoWiki? Or how I can fix Xinha so it doesn't supply the code to the Wiki Form?

Hi there Eduardo,

Gustaf fixed this behavior last year... check out this commit:

Hi Victor,

Thank you very much. I've already updated the file.

One question: is there a version of Xowiki for the tag oacs-5-5? When I checkout using this tag it comes no code.

I am afraid xowiki was not branched into oacs-5-5. The latest branch of xowiki happened for oacs-5-4. But xowiki/xotcl-core from HEAD should work perfectly with your core-code checkout from oacs-5-5.