Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error in Event Package (Edit Event)

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Cesareo,

No specific ideas on your bug but I wanted to mention that Solution Grove has been working on a package "dotlrn-eccomerce" that is designed to allow users to "buy" classes. It includes paying by credit card or with PO number. Features include:

Class size limits
Waiting lists
Prerequist checking
Allow one person to register others (i.e. parent registering children)
Browse classes by calendar or category

We just launched Mass General Hospital and are launching Museum of Science Boston next Monday.

I don't know if it matches your use cases or if it would be overkill but its new code so I thought I'd let you know it exists. It is in CVS.

Posted by Cesareo Garci­a Rodicio on
Hi Caroline.

It sounds good. I'll try to check it but in this server I don't have installed dotlrn, only openacs. My needs are too simple and Events package let me do it in a simple way.

Your package matches my needs so I'll take a look on it.

Thanks for your response