Forum OpenACS Development: Re: XoTCL Issue with ]po[ on OpenACS 5.6 - Very slow because of "ns_ictl update"

Normally "ns_ictl update" is called, whenever a thread starts. Are you reloading packages? what are your settings of "maxconnections" and "threadtimeout"?

Reloading the interp "after every page" is certainly unusual and will be slow, for many reasons. When a thread starts, it creates all procs and objects of the interpreter (in a typical OpenACS installation one gets quicky 5.000-10.000 procs per interp).

maybe the threads a recreated on your machine due to a broken configuration value or due to reloading/watching or some local modifications in po?

Concerning the query above: object-attributes correspond to acs-attributes in the database and check on creation if their definitions are in sync with the database. In usual installations (e.h. there are less than 15 calls per interpreter start. On my home machine, one such query takes 335 micro-seconds, so these 15 calls sum up to 0.005 secs.

Posted by Frank Bergmann on

Hi Gustaf,

Thanks for your reply. I changed the config.tcl file to the one provided with OpenACS 5.6 and now the interpreter issue is gone, thanks!

However, we've got another issue now with XoWiki:

Cannot create object -- illegal name '::'
    ::xowiki::Object ::xotcl::Class->create
    invoked from within
"::xowiki::Object create ::$folder_id"
    (procedure "require_folder_object" line 33)
    ::52670 ::xowiki::Package->require_folder_object
    invoked from within
"my require_folder_object"

I've already seen your answer to a previous questions on that and I have run ::xowiki::fix_all_package_ids here, but without success. There are still cr_revisions without package_id here.

The system I'm running on has been recently upgraded from OpenACS 5.1 (as all of our ~3.000 customers will have to upgrade their system...). So maybe the XoWiki behaviour is due to an upgrading issue? The Content Repository had some upgrade flaws anyway, Malte has written about that previously here.

Here are my preliminary findings about fix_all_package_ids:

  • ::xowiki::Package instances returns only the "xowiki" package
  • There are no cr_folder with name 'xowiki: xxx' (see below).

I can provide you with SSH credentials if you want to take a closer view...

Thanks in advance!

po40demo=# select f.*, from cr_items c, cr_folders f where c.item_id = f.folder_id;
 folder_id |    label     |               description                | has_child_folders | has_child_symlinks | package_id |        name
      -200 | Templates    | Templates which render the pages go here | f                 | f                  |            | templates
     51569 | Email_Images |                                          | f                 | f                  |            | Email_Images
     11968 | Wiki Folder  |                                          | f                 | f                  |      11967 | 11967
     25892 |              |                                          | f                 | f                  |      25884 | bug_tracker_25884
      -400 | Trash        | Deleted content items get put here       | f                 | f                  |            | trash
      -100 | Pages        | Site pages go here                       | t                 | f                  |            | pages
     52526 | File Storage |                                          | f                 | f                  |      52511 | file-storage_52511

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Frank, i don't believe you that changing the config-file lead to a problem with xowiki.

anyhow, what version of xowiki/xotcl-core are you using?
the recent versions of require_folder_object look quite different.

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Gustaf,

> changing the config file

That is right, the problem existed already before changing the config file.

In my development server I am using the versions:

xotcl-core: 0.117
xowiki: 0.118

I got these versions by checking out the OpenACS 5.6 tree...


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
No, you did not get these versions by checking out the OpenACS 5.6 tree.

i am this week completely booked out, so i have no chance to look deeper into your problem. But still, i am wondering: is this a fresh installation? You seem to have very few folders and in particular, no xowiki folders. Is this correct? It looks to me as if xowiki tries to create a new folder but fails for some reason.