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2: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 1)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
I had upgraded from a very old version but the install failed. So I ran the upgrade callback manually:

::xowiki::upgrade_callback -from_version_name 0.38 -to_version_name 0.138

This only returned a similar error:

while executing
"ns_cache eval xotcl_object_cache ::xo::has_ltree {
if {[db_driverkey ""] eq "postgresql" &&
[db_string check_ltree "select count(*) f..."
(procedure "::xo::db::has_ltree" line 2)
invoked from within
(procedure "::xowiki::add_ltree_order_column" line 5)
invoked from within
(procedure "__upgrade" line 154)
invoked from within
"__upgrade $from_version_name $to_version_name"
(procedure "::xowiki::upgrade_callback" line 12)
invoked from within
"::xowiki::upgrade_callback -from_version_name 0.38 -to_version_name 0.138"
("uplevel" body line 2)
invoked from within
"uplevel 1 $script"


3: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 2)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
whooo, an upgrade over 100 versions, must be from something like end of 2006!

It seems, as if you do not have an xotcl_object_cache yet, which is created by xotcl-core. Most likely, some more of the support-functions needed by the upgrade script are not loaded in the version you are using. Did the upgrade of xotcl-core went well? Since the upgrade scripts use xotcl-core functions, it might be a good idea to upgrade first xotcl-core, restart the server and then continue with the upgrade of xowiki.

During the upgrade of xowiki, you will find entries "-- upgrading to ..." in your error-log. then you know, if you run the upgrade callback again from which number to start.

4: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 3)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
The upgrade of xotcl-core went fine. I'll try your suggestion. Thanks, Gustaf.
5: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 4)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
I was able to incrementally upgrade xowiki but a restart did not eliminate the problem.

I even re-installed xowiki without success. Why doesn't the cache rebuild on boot?

6: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Not sure, i understand what's your state. I read from the first sentence that the error from the update script went away and you could upgrade; that would mean that ns_cache is apparently working... and then you say, you see the ns_cache error again when you fetch an xowiki page?

When you start the server and invoke then an xowiki page: what is the first error you see in your error.log?

What do you mean by reinstall? a fresh OpenACS installation?

who says, xowiki "rebuilds the cache". During startup of the server, every cache has to be created via ns_cache create.

You started the thread mentioning that you recently witched to aolserver 4.5.1. Are you aware, that this version has a built-in ns_cache? You must not load the nscache .so file in your configuration.

What do you get if you run the url /xotcl/version-numbers on your machine?