Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS is not working.

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Regarding OpenAcs5.8 on Aolserver4.5, I would suggest you to don't go that way :-)

Go for the scripts we linked to you, they will automatically download, compile and configure Naviserver from sources and OpenAcs5.8 from sources. There won't be much to do beside waiting!

Posted by Benjamin Brink on
Definitely use the install script; or manually install by reading and following the script process ;-)

Issues with installing OpenACS packages via an Ubuntu-based install may be due to the aolserver start-up script not setting a dependent environmental variable --or using a broken value.

My experience with installing OpenACS on Ubuntu 10, 11 and 12 suggests that the Ubuntu software installation process for OpenACS is fraught with issues largely introduced by Ubuntu/Debian packaging system and version conflicts with each Ubuntu release; If you get OpenACS to work in these conditions, you might run into some fairly esoteric errors.

The admin hurdles can be avoided by running the referenced installation script.

By installing from the script you'll have a reference standard that is more easily diagnosed;

Also any errors you post will be providing useful feedback for maintaining the installation script.


Posted by Mattia Righetti on
Ok, I've just tried to install OpenACS from scripts and I got this error:
------------------------ Installing Naviserver --------------------------- line 288: cd: naviserver: No such file or directory

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
I've recently updated the scripts to allow in addition to the installs from released version as well installations directly from the source code repositories (either git or mercurial; not activated by default).

It seems, i've not tested the non-HEAD version. Please refetch, unless i've made some typos, it should work now.

Sorry for the inconveniance