Forum OpenACS Development: Translation Server Upgraded to Openacs 5.2.2 and .LRN 2.2.0a3

Translation Server has been upgraded
to Openacs 5.2.2 and .LRN 2.2.0a3.

There are 106 conflicts to be resolved, for the locales: ca_ES, de_DE, es_ES, it_IT, zh_CN.

There are 4 new locales: es_CO, ind_ID, bg_BG and pa_IN.

If you want to contribute in doing translations, just let us
know and we can create you an account in the translation
server. Send an email to oct_at_openacs_dot_org or contact
me (vguerra) in the IRC Channel ( #openacs ) .

I am going to wait a couple of weeks, so people can
do translations. Then I'll export the message keys
to catalog files and then commit them to the repository.

Victor Guerra.

At my local installation, my users have done some translation as well. I've got three languages that doesn't have yet: Afrikaans (666 translated), Czech (411 translated) and Indonesian (913 translated).

Can I contribute exported language files somewhere?

Hi victor,

Thank you for upgrading the translation server.

A list of packages that will be included in dotlrn 2.2.0 release is available at

Would it be possible to have the following packages installed in the translation server?

- assessment (+ portlet & applet)
- evaluation (+ portlet & applet)
- lors, lorsm (+ portlet & applet), lors-central
- random-photo (portlet + applet)


I just want to inform that does not respond since tuesday. I hope it will be back up soon so we can finish translating for dotlrn release :).

Thanks for the notification Emmanuelle. The server is up and running now :).

BTW, the following packages have been installed:

Assessment 0.20
Assessment Portlet 0.4
dotLRN Assessment Applet 0.2
Evaluation 2.0.2
Evaluation Portlet 0.1d
dotLRN Evaluation Applet 0.1d
Randon Photo Portlet 0.1d
dotLRN Random Photo 0.1d
Clipboard 0.1d
Learning Object Repository Service 0.6d4
Views 0.1d
LORS Management 0.7d
LORS Management Portlet 0.4d
dotLRN LORS Management Applet 0.4d
LORS Central 0.1a5

Let me know if you need another package to be installed in
the server.

Victor Guerra.

Great! Thanks Victor.
Can I get an answer to my question or is there no interrest for those languages?
Sorry Daniel :p, I missed that one.

Sure, I can create the new locales you mention in your post . Regarding the catalog files, maybe you can send them to me, so i can put them in the translation server =).

Thank you for your contribution ;).

Victor Guerra.