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Posted by Alfred Essa on
We (Minnesota State Colleges & University System) intend to incorporate Don Baccus's portal package (new portal or whatever it's called) into OpenACS.

We also plan to incorporate the portal mashup demonstrated by Solution Grove ( into .LRN.

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Posted by Don Baccus on
Can you be a bit more specific? I did a bit more work on it about six weeks ago (maybe eight), for instance once a portal'd page is viewed future views no longer query the database (results are cached), unlike the .LRN new-portal which always hits the database a couple of times per portlet on a portal page.

Also I'd like to have input into whatever your plans are for future work with it.

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Posted by Alfred Essa on
Don, the aim is to have the same portal package for OpenACS and .LRN. As you know we have this had a goal for a long time for both projects. I hope we can finally make this into a reality.

Not only will you have "input" I am hoping that you will guide the work.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Al,

It would be great if you and Don could record your plans in the xowiki page for portals so people can find it after this thread is stale.


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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Hi Alfred,

How do you intend to incorporate the portal mashup demo? I have been having a look at it for our implementation and have managed to incorporate the shade effects into the portals to some degree, however this caused a strange error with custom portal administration. I was using a new theme I added through new-portal and the ajaxhelper api.

The effects look nice but I haven't been able to pass the neccessary variables to remember the portal state. (eg minimized of maximized)


Posted by Alfred Essa on

We are close to signing a contract (a matter of days) with an OpenACS company for this work. As soon as we do, we will begin using the Wiki for the approach.