Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Projects page / Classified Ads package

Hi all,

A while ago someone mentioned on the #openacs channel that s/he was writing a classified ads package for OpenACS 4. I can't remember who it was, but I'd like to know how is that project going because I'd like to migrate our Book Exchange web site to 4.6.

On that thought, what do others think of having a simple "OpenACS Projects" page where the community members can let the rest of the community know what they are working on? This would help in collaboration and help avoid duplication of work.

I volunteer to maintain the page, since I'm the one suggesting it.


Posted by Deds Castillo on

I'm working on a port with the help of Paul Doerwald[1] I'm just cleaning it up a bit. But at it's current stage it should be sufficient enough for your book site. I'll send you an APM within the next 24 hours once I'm done.


Posted by Caroline Meeks on

Was this what you had in mind?

I also set one up for dotLRN

My thought was to use ETP so that people actively working on a package had edit rights on the page and could maintain that page themselves.

We still need someone or more likely a bunch of us to maintain setting up new subsections, granting permissions, reminding people, putting in links to forum threads etc.

What do other people think? Is this a good way to proceed? If you are working on a extending/creating new functionality would you be willing to summarize and update your plans/progress using this system?

Posted by Roberto Mello on

Thank you. I'd appreciate if you could send me the APM. Can I add this to the list of packages pointed to by Caroline? I had forgotten that it was there (thanks for the reminder Caroline).