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Posted by Frank Bergmann on

Jade Rubick has suggested to me to publish the list of "people behind" here on OpenACS. This list converted into HTML (maybe without the specific ]po[ contributors) could replace the /about/team page which is basically empty.

I've got some 20 short Bios at the moment, 10 of them pure OpenACs contributors. Here is the current version:

- ODT format:

- PDF format:

We will post newer versions in our ]po[ Press-Kit page:

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Again, I'd like to invite everybody who contributed to OpenACS to send me your portrait, URL, short bio and a paragraph about what you have contributed, and I'll include this in the document.

Please send the material to frank_dot_bergmann_at_project-open_dot_com.


Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Frank,

Very few women in there, I need to send mine then to support Caroline :)

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Yes please!

Someone should reach out to Tracy and Eve too if anyone is in touch with them.