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I.2 OpenACS: robust web development framework

OpenACS: robust web development framework

Author: Rocael Hernández, Galileo University, Guatemala / OpenACS Core Team, roc@viaro.net
Author: Andrew Grumet, OpenACS Core Team, aegrumet@alum.mit.edu

Tcl/Tk 2005 Conference, Portland, Oregon


OpenACS is a full featured web development framework to create scalable applications
oriented to collaboration and online communities. Is in use by many big players such as
greenpeace.org or the e-learning platform of the MIT Sloan School of Management.
While the system is not trivial, here are explained some of the most interesting and still
relatively simple facilities that the framework provides. Everything from templating,
separating the code from the presentation, database interactions according to the
programming language, auto-documentation features, automated test engine,
internationalization, and many more are written in Tcl, which has shown to be extremely
powerful for writing the foundation logic and the application pages.