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III For OpenACS Package Developers

Tutorials and reference material for creating new OpenACS packages.

Table of Contents

9. Development Tutorial
Creating an Application Package
Setting Up Database Objects
Creating Web Pages
Debugging and Automated Testing
10. Advanced Topics
Write the Requirements and Design Specs
Add the new package to CVS
OpenACS Edit This Page Templates
Adding Comments
Admin Pages
Profile your code
Prepare the package for distribution.
Distributing upgrades of your package
Hierarchical data
Using .vuh files for pretty urls
Laying out a page with CSS instead of tables
Sending HTML email from your application
Basic Caching
Scheduled Procedures
Enabling WYSIWYG
Adding in parameters for your package
Writing upgrade scripts
Connect to a second database
Future Topics
11. Development Reference
OpenACS Packages
OpenACS Data Models and the Object System
The Request Processor
The OpenACS Database Access API
Using Templates in OpenACS
Groups, Context, Permissions
Writing OpenACS Application Pages
Parties in OpenACS
OpenACS Permissions Tediously Explained
Object Identity
Programming with AOLserver
Using Form Builder: building html forms dynamically
12. Engineering Standards
OpenACS Style Guide
CVS Guidelines
Release Version Numbering
Constraint naming standard
ACS File Naming and Formatting Standards
PL/SQL Standards
Automated Testing
13. Documentation Standards
OpenACS Documentation Guide
Using PSGML mode in Emacs
Using nXML mode in Emacs
Detailed Design Documentation Template
System/Application Requirements Template
14. Internationalization
Internationalization and Localization Overview
How Internationalization/Localization works in OpenACS
How to Internationalize a Package
Design Notes
Translator's Guide
D. Using CVS with an OpenACS Site