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III.10.14 Sending HTML email from your application

by Jade Rubick

OpenACS docs are written by the named authors, and may be edited by OpenACS documentation staff.

Sending email is fairly simple using the acs-mail-lite package. Sending HTML email is only slightly more complicated.

    set subject "my subject"

    set message "<b>Bold</b> not bold"

    set from_addr "me@myemail.com"

    set to_addr "me@myemail.com"

    # the from to html closes any open tags.
    set message_html [ad_html_text_convert -from html -to html $message]

    # some mailers chop off the last few characters.
    append message_html "   "
    set message_text [ad_html_text_convert -from html -to text $message]

    set message_data [build_mime_message $message_text $message_html]

    set extra_headers [ns_set new]

    ns_set put $extra_headers MIME-Version [ns_set get $message_data MIME-Version]
    ns_set put $extra_headers Content-ID [ns_set get $message_data Content-ID]
    ns_set put $extra_headers Content-Type [ns_set get $message_data Content-Type]
    set message [ns_set get $message_data body]

    acs_mail_lite::send  -to_addr $to_addr  -from_addr $from_addr  -subject $subject  -body $message  -extraheaders $extra_headers