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III.10.4 Adding Comments

You can track comments for any ACS Object. Here we'll track comments for notes. On the note-edit.tcl/adp pair, which is used to display individual notes, we want to put a link to add comments at the bottom of the screen. If there are any comments, we want to show them.

First, we need to generate a url for adding comments. In note-edit.tcl:

 set comment_add_url "[general_comments_package_url]comment-add?[export_vars {
  { object_id $note_id }
  { object_name $title }
  { return_url "[ad_conn url]?[ad_conn query]"}

This calls a global, public tcl function that the general_comments package registered, to get its url. You then embed in that url the id of the note and its title, and set the return_url to the current url so that the user can return after adding a comment.

We need to create html that shows any existing comments. We do this with another general_comments function:

set comments_html [general_comments_get_comments
     -print_content_p 1 $note_id]

First, we pass in an optional parameter that that says to actually show the contents of the comments, instead of just the fact that there are comments. Then you pass the note id, which is also the acs_object id.

We put our two new variables in the note-edit.adp page.

<a href="@comment_add_url@">Add a comment</a>