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II.5.6 Upgrading Platform components

OpenACS Full Text Search requires several pieces: the OpenFTS code, some database functions, and the OpenFTS Engine. This section describes how to upgrade OpenFTS from 0.2 to 0.3.2 and upgrade the search engine on an OpenACS site at the same time.

  1. Uninstall the old OpenFTS Engine from the $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME database.

    1. Browse to http://yourserver/openfts.

    2. Click Administration.

    3. Click Drop OpenFTS Engine

  2. Build and install the new OpenFTS driver and supporting tcl procedures. (This section of shell code is not fully documented; please exercise care.)

    cd /usr/local/src/
              tar xzf /var/tmp/Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.3.2.tar.gz
              chown -R root.root Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.3.2/
              cd Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.3.2/
              ./configure --with-aolserver-src=/usr/local/src/aolserver/aolserver --with-tcl=/usr/lib/
              cd aolserver/

    Back up the old fts driver as a precaution and install the newly compiled one

    mv /usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsfts.so /usr/local/aolserver/bin/nsfts-0.2.so
              cp nsfts.so /usr/local/aolserver/bin

    Build and install the OpenFTS code for PostGresSQL

    cd /usr/local/src/Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.3.2/
              cp -r pgsql_contrib_openfts /usr/local/src/postgresql-7.2.3/contrib /usr/local/src/postgresql-7.2.3/contrib/pgsql_contrib_openfts
              su - postgres
              cd tsearch/
              make install

    In order for the OpenACS 4.6 OpenFTS Engine to use the OpenFTS 0.3.2 driver, we need some commands added to the database.

    [root root]# su - $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME dev]$ psql $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME -f /usr/local/pgsql/share/contrib/openfts.sql
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME dev]$ psql $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME -f /usr/local/src/postgresql-7.2.3/contrib/tsearch/tsearch.sql
              (~30 more lines)
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME dev]$ exit
              [root root]#
              su - $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
    psql $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME -f /usr/local/pgsql/share/contrib/openfts.sql
    psql $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME -f /usr/local/src/postgresql-7.2.3/contrib/tsearch/tsearch.sql
  3. OPTIONAL: Install the new OpenFTS Engine.If you want to upgrade the OpenFTS Engine, do these steps. (You must have already upgraded the OpenFTS driver to 0.3.2.)

    1. Browse to http://yourserver/admin/site-map

    2. On the openfts line, click on set parameters.

    3. Change the value of openfts_tcl_src_path from /usr/local/src/Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.2/ to /usr/local/src/Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.3.2/

    4. Click Set Parameters

    5. [root root]# restart-aolserver $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
    6. Browse to http://yourserver/openfts

    7. Click Administration.

    8. Click Initialize OpenFTS Engine

An OpenACS database created in PostGreSQL 7.2 will not work correctly in PostGreSQL 7.3. This is because 7.2 truncates function names to 31 characters, but 7.3 does not. This does not cause problems in 7.2, because truncation occurs both at function creation and at function calling, so they still match. But if you use a database created in 7.2 in 7.3, the function names in the database remain truncated but the function calls are not, and so they don't match. Also some functions use casting commands that no longer work in 7.3 and these functions must be recreated.

To upgrade an OpenACS site from PostGreSQL 7.2 to 7.3, first upgrade the kernel to 4.6.3. Then, dump the database, run the upgrade script /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/bin/pg_7.2to7.3_upgrade_helper.pl on the dump file, and reply the dump. See Forum OpenACS Q&A: PG 7.2->7.3 upgrade gotcha?. Example:

  1. Back up the database as per PostgreSQL.

  2. Run the upgrade script on the backup file.

    [root root]# su - $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME]# cd /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME/bin
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME bin]$ ./pg_7.2to7.3_upgrade_helper.pl  ../database-backup/nightly.dmp  ../database-backup/upgrade-7.3.dmp  /var/lib/aolserver/$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME
              looking for function acs_object__check_object_ancest in oacs
              grep result: /var/lib/aolserver/aufrecht-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/acs-objects-create.sql:create function acs_object__check_object_ancestors (integer,integer,integer)
              replacing acs_object__check_object_ancest with acs_object__check_object_ancestors
              (many lines omitted)
              [$OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME bin]$
  3. Use perl to replace timestamp with timestamptz in the dump file. See example perl code in step two in /contrib/misc/upgrade_4.6_to_5.0.sh

  4. Create a new user for PostgreSQL 7.3.x, as per the Postgres installation guide. Keep in mind that your installation location is different, and your startup script (/etc/init.d/postgres73 should be named differently. You might even need to edit that file to make the paths correct). You'll also need to add export PGPORT=5434 to the .bashrc and/or .bash_profile for the postgres73 user.

  5. Install PostgreSQL 7.3.x. Note that you PostgreSQL must listen on a different port in order to work correctly, so you'll need to edit the configuration file (/usr/local/pgsql73/data/postgresql.conf) and change the port (to 5433, say). create a second postgres user to differentiate between the two postgres installs. When you do ./configure, you'll need to include --prefix=$HOME to ensure that it is installed in the postgres73 user's home directory.

  6. Change the path in $OPENACS_SERVICE_NAME's .bashrc or .bash_profile (or both) files to reflect the new postgres73 user directory. Also add in the PGPORT.

  7. Restore the database from dump as per the recovery instructions.