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Installing OpenACS

Created by OpenACS community, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 23 Nov 2021, at 06:17 PM

There are many ways to get OpenACS working for you quickly and/or easily. See Try OpenACS for demonstrations and hosting solutions. In general, OpenACS can be installed with NaviServer or with AOLserver, which are two closely related servers. While NaviServer sees regular development, the AOLserver community is very conservative. Some of the guides below refer to AOLserver, some to NaviServer.

Packaged installations

For platforms like Linux/Ubuntu, Linux/Debian, FreeBSD or Windows, one can use the packaged solutions:

The following installations are here for reference, but to install recent versions, the generic installation script (see next section) is better.

One other option is to use the Docker installation.

Generic installation scripts

For many Linux platforms (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora), one can use the generic installer that compiles all base components (using NaviServer) and creates users/groups as needed; which works with PostgreSQL 9.2 or newer. These install scripts can be as well used on Mac OS X, when MacPorts are installed. These installer scripts are regularly updated.

The following alternative script installs aolserver and the contained modules from sources. It assumes, that PostgreSQL is already installed:

  1. Install AOLserver:
  2. Install OpenACS: en:openacs-subsystem-install

Manually installing OpenACS:

These are the steps involved in setting up OpenACS. Before beginning, read about ways of getting help (en:docs-admin-help) during installation. Also, read the documentation completely before beginning, to minimize the chance of any surprises during installation.

  1. Prerequisites to installing OpenACS
  2. OpenACS reference platform
  3. Install a *nix based operating system
  4. Get the code
  5. Install Oracle
  6. Install PostgreSQL
  7. Install Tcl
  8. Install AOLserver
  9. Install OpenACS distribution

These pages contain notes where installing OpenACS on a specific OS different from the *nix standard installation instructions (above).  These notes also refer to helper scripts and automated installers that can really simplify installation:

OpenACS Core Packages (oacs-core)

Created by Benjamin Brink, last modified by Gustaf Neumann 01 May 2020, at 04:48 PM

Core packages are defined in CVS. See Aliases_at_CVS

Chart showing core package dependencies according to package specification files for oacs-5-9:

chart showing openacs core packages according to package definition

Chart is available in 2 versions:

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